Augmented Reality Co
Company Overview

Augmented Reality Co (ARC) is a cutting-edge agency that specializes in Augmented Reality, 3D Rendering, and other next-generation technologies.

We help businesses connect with customers in new and innovative ways, increasing sales, engagement, and reach.

Founded in 2019, we have rapidly expanded our capabilities and now offer a full suite of services to our clients. Whether you're looking to create a branded AR experience or go viral with a magical influencer unboxing adventure, we can help you achieve you and your clients goals.

Branded AR Experiences
Product Activation

Use the magic of augmented reality to create unforgettable branded experiences for customers.

With AR, products can be instantly introduced to the world in a completely new way.

AR creates a viral marketing opportunity for businesses, as customers will be eager to share their experiences with others.

Branded AR Experiences
Product First Look

Leverage our technology in your product launches with AR First Look. Augmented reality creates a highly shareable and engaging experience for your audience.

AR allows for your product to be instantly shared around the globe in a way like never before.

Blur the lines between the real and digital worlds to create a memorable first impression for your customers.

In an increasingly digital world customers are shopping quicker and different then ever before. First looks allow your product to quickly standout in a competitive market.

Branded AR Experiences
Pop-Up Experiences

Enhance your pop-up events by adding a limitless digital installation.

AR creates organic social media posting with engaging animated 3D experiences that your customers want to share.

AR allows you to bring your pop-up to life with animated 3D experiences. Pop-ups act as one large social media moment, stand above the rest with ARC.

Branded AR Experiences
Influencer Packaging

Consumers are becoming increasingly desensitized to traditional influencer marketing. AR can provide a refreshing change to your customers social media feed.

Bring your packaging, product, and customers environment to life using AR.

Howdy, we are bringing branded nex-gen experiences to the world. Come join us!